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A Little History

I started setting up displays at my home in 1995 and have been expanding each year. Over the years I have tried a number of ideas.  As well as the standard stationary displays, I currently have a number of animated displays (with sound) which are remotely controlled using X10 technology.  When one of my kids was away at university and not able to come home for Halloween I decided to set up this web site.  This way they and others can tune in for a view of the display. 

  Project Section

Some of the things currently available for use in my display

Full size teenage werewolf in a cage (with sound)
Mummy in a sarcophagus (animated with sound)
Crypt Keeper in a coffin (animated with sound)
Carved pumpkins
Various figures
Bats flying overhead
The "Flying Crank" Ghost
Modified version of the "Trash Can Trauma"
Fog Machine
Replacement front door which looks like a castle door
X10 remote controls
Thunder and Lightening effects
Theatre showing horror movie trailers
Various lighting and sound effects
Cemetery Fence

New Items (see the Photo Gallery)

Mad Dog house
"The Body Slinger"
Enhanced Graveyard

My Halloween Display

Other Stuff

Photo Gallery

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The Boneyard


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