Halloween Canada
"Scaryfield Manor"

Halloween 2006

This year I took a weeks vacation before Halloween to work on the props.  The fence needed a new coat of paint and I had a few new items to finish.  October 29 was quite a day, winds 61 km/h with gusts up to 96 km/h.  I was worried that the dungeon display or the fence might blow over.  It all survived with no problems or damage.

New Items
A row of lighted skulls along the roof.
A monster that pops up out of one of the fence posts.
The living dead Bride and Groom.
The dungeon door opens and closes revealing a monster behind the door.

We didn't get as many kids this year, just over 420.

Halloween 2005

New Items
Full size metal cage (new home for Waldo)
Jump up Monster
Added a lot more Tombstones

Wow!!  Did we have a lot of kids this year.
This was the first time we have ever run out of candy.
We had over 500 kids.

Halloween 2004

This year I did a major upgrade to my outdoor sound system.  For a number of years I used three old stereo amps to power the speakers used for the background sound effects.  One amp provided scary Halloween music, another thunderstorm sound effects and the third wolf pack and lone wolf calls.  For speakers I used three sets of  low cost, low power outdoor speakers.  The speaker wires were run through an open window to the outside.  Last year one of the speakers blew, one CD player kept stopping and one amp started to act up.  It was time to upgrade.  My goal for the new system was to keep the cost as low as possible.  Since I did not need high end sound for the display I reduced my costs by avoiding the high end equipment.  By shopping the smaller shops and pawn shops I was able to get a number of power amps.   I replaced  the CD players with low cost DVD players from Walmart and the speakers with some clearance outdoor speakers from Futureshop. I installed the equipment in a rack mount cabinet I build from a shelf unit and some rack mount rails.

Old System
New System
Three old stereo tuner amps
two 800w DJ type two channel power amps
one 200w  two channel power amp
one 100w  two channel power amp
one DVD player
two old CD players
four MP3 DVD players from Walmart
four sets of 50W outdoor speakers
two sets of 500W outdoor speakers
two sets of 100W outdoor speakers
wires went through the window
installed speaker jacks outside on each side of the house.  I installed jacks for  8 speakers on one side and four on the other.

I also install one video input jack outside so that I can connect up a video camera to record the event.

equipment sat on an old shelving unit
equipment is rack mounted
powered by ordinary house outlet
Connected up to my pre-owned 5000W UPS.  I picked this up for for a bargain price ($100).
Now, No power, No problem!

Two dedicated 15amp circuits added outside

New Items
Mad Dog House
Skeleton Fountain
enhanced Witch display
Where's Waldo Skeleton
Upgraded sound on Trash Can

This year we had around 350 kids and almost as many adults.

Halloween 2003

New Items
Dungeon Wall
Lots of Skeletons
12V Skeleton Skull Lights
Small skeleton in barred cage
Small skeleton in metal cage
Large skeleton spider eating a bat

Halloween 2002

New Items

Witch display
I added the Gargoyles to the fence posts

Halloween 2001

(I forgot to take pictures this year)

New Items

Halloween  2000

This year we removed our above ground pool.  This left me with a lot of outdoor plywood, 4" x 4" and 1" x 6" cedar lumber.  With a little paint and a lot of cutting I had a new Cemetery Fence at very little cost.  Recycle and Reuse!  I picked up a number of garden Gargoyles at a Canadian Tire end of season sale.

New Items
Cemetery Fence
Trash Can Trauma
Crank Ghost

The Early Years

New Items
Crypt Keeper
Werewolf in Cage

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